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customers in the Southeast.



The Leading GMI supplier in a 500 mile
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At Jones Printing, “your brand is our passion”.

Located in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our retail sector clients all around North America. As a recognized leader in the print industry, we are continually researching the latest innovations to enhance the spectrum of our capabilities. With years of experience and expertise in creative printing, packaging, and design, our goal is to provide our clients with materials that give your brand a lasting impression. From our GMI Prime certification to our 10 day turnaround on short run packaging, Jones Printing is the full-service, professional printer to drive your marketing and communications efforts to the next level.

Our friendly and highly trained team is honored to serve our community and our customers with our cutting edge technologies, fresh ideas and innovative processes. Our commitment to your company’s promotional success demands the highest quality craftsmanship, materials, service, and a team dedicated to supplying and fulfilling your budgetary needs and personal vision. Suppliers that we work with are also of top quality. We will only partner with suppliers that we trust because it is important to us that we are able to pass that quality on to you.


Printing is an integral component in Lodge’s supply chain of the cast iron skillets we manufacture. We select a vendor who understands our needs and places a high priority on our account.  We rely on Jones Printing to deliver quality print products at a competitive price and within the time-frame of our production schedule. Jones has proven to be a partner in this process.  Though we rarely have issues, their commitment to quick and satisfactory resolution is second to none. On behalf of Lodge Manufacturing Company, I am pleased tell you we are very satisfied with the level of service and professionalism provided by our Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative and all the staff at Jones Printing.
David Alvarez, Purchasing Manager, Lodge Manufacturing
As a first-time designer tasked with putting together my company’s 64-page annual report, needless to say I was a bit uneasy about working on a project of this magnitude. This unease, coupled with the fact that I am in New Jersey and my vendor is in Tennessee, made me a little bit nervous. Upon delivery of my design files to Jones, my uneasiness was put to rest. Jones worked closely with me to ensure that our files were in order and the job was ready for press. They worked with a tight deadline, provided quality product by personally press-checking the job for us, and worked out critical delivery instructions to ensure our job arrived in New Jersey in one piece. Jones provided us with an excellent annual report at a more than competitive price and superb customer service. My company looks forward to continuing our relationship with Jones for many annual reports to come.
Beth Monica, Director of Communications, US Maritime Alliance, Ltd. (USMX)
Dealing with thousands of forms that change on a daily basis and using multiple vendors to get them produced can be quite complicated. Not only is Jones able to create a high quality product while preserving a competitive price, they accomplish this in a timely manner. Jones helps maintain brand consistency by using our brand specific color swatches and regularly meets our delivery needs with accurate and efficient shipping strategies.
Rachel Fuller, Buyer/ Print, Coordinator Unum
I know that when we work with Jones our job will be done quickly, accurately, and on budget.  Jones allows our company to rest easy when it comes to packaging and printing projects and gives our business the time to focus on what we do best.  We choose to do business with them over other local shops in our area because we know our job will get done on time and meet our high quality standards, this dependable and reliable service is critical to our supply chain.
Chris DeVillers, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sinkology - Thompson Traders
Jones Printing has become an invaluable business partner to the TN Aquarium. Their ability to consistently deliver excellent results, done right, and on time, while being flexible with our tight production schedules has made Jones a dependable and trusted resource.  They are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Karen Estes, Sr. Graphic Designer, Tennessee Aquarium