Jones Printing has been a GMI certified printer for since 2011.  Retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Lowes, Home Depot, Rite Aid and CVS contracts GMI to certify, monitor, and measure the performance of packaging printers.  Logo color consistency, 4 color process color consistency, substrate attributes, finishing uniformity, and in store auditing are just some of the ways GMI helps ensure store to store product packaging continuity.  Using spectrophotometers, Jones is able to ensure color consistency, product to product, guaranteeing that our client’s brands remain consistently reliable.  With over 5,000 submissions, since 2011, Jones remains as one of the top GMI certified packaging printers in North America.

IDEAlliance’s G7 process controls physically measuring color matching between proofs and printed sheets.  Using G7 techniques, Jones Printing is able to produce predictable and consistent color with less waste and shorter make-ready times.  Our “Master” status is achieved only by successful completion of an audit of press color measurement equipment, process control procedures, and verification of both proof and print quality. Statistical analysis of gray balance, color stability and color consistency are critical for maintaining “Master” status.  Adherence to G7 procedures provide clients with quicker proof approval time, reducing the timeline to get products into the marketplace.



Jones Printing is proud to be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.  The certification was completed on site by The Rainforest Alliance group.  This certification states that Jones partakes in the “chain-of-custody” that insures the paper we purchase has been manufactured from “responsibly managed forests.”  For more than 20 years, FSC has set the standard for responsible forest management.  Today over 380 million acres are under the watchful eye of FSC.  Jones is happy to provide FSC certified paper, print the FSC logo on your printed piece, and furnish chain-of-custody documentation for any or all of your printing needs.